When ACC moved into new facilities in 2007, the building was customized specifically for electronics manufacturing. Old manufacturing programs were upgraded and new programs were implemented to further improve our quality and efficiency.

  • High-efficiency lighting for maximum illumination in the hand assembly area
  • Air locks and power humidifiers for temperature & humidity control
  • Conductive floors for maximum ESD protection
  • ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) program
    - Foot straps, wrist straps and conductive jackets to dissipate electro-static energy in a controlled manner into our conductive floors and work benches
  • ISO certification of our quality program
  • Commitment to the ISO concept of continual improvement
  • On-line work instructions to eliminate paperwork and control documents
  • Cell workgroups to improve efficiency and quality by eliminating batch processing
  • Lean training to further improve efficiency