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We would be happy to provide  a quotation for building your electronic products.  Depending on the complexity of your product, we normally supply a quotation approximately ten days after receipt of all the information listed in the following article.

In order to provide an accurate quote, ACC needs the following information: 

  1. An accurate Bill of Materials (BOM) complete with manufacturers' names and part numbers.  (Required)
  2. Complete Gerber data files preferred.  Extensive drawings with dimensions, layer count, drill count and size, etc. is acceptable for quotation purposes only.  For production, CAD data or, at least, complete Gerber data and placement data is required.  Placement data must be centroid in nature (geometric center of each component including all leads).
  3. Expected Annual Usage (EAU) with a Release Schedule.  Example:  EAU = 12,000 with Monthly Releases of 1,000 units.  (Required)
  4. Pictures and/or Samples of each assembly.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, we believe that a sample is worth at least a hundred pictures.  (If possible - Extremely helpful)

We can quote your assemblies on a turnkey, consignment, or hybrid basis.  In a 100% turnkey quote, ACC will supply all components.  In a 100% consignment quote, you will supply all components, and ACC will supply only assembly services.  In a hybrid quote, you will supply some components, and ACC will supply the rest plus assembly services.  (In the latter situation, you may wish to supply the housing or custom components that you build in your facility.)

ACC will quote your boards with or without excess inventory.  If you want a one-time build, we will quote without excess inventory.  The price will be higher, but there will be no left-over parts.  If you want us to quote an on-going project, we will quote with excess inventory in order to provide the lowest price per assembly.  See the following articles for a more complete discussion of excess inventory.

Click here to view our Excess Inventory White Paper.

Click here to download the our Excess Inventory Example.

ACC Electronix ships via the carrier you specify.  We normally use motor freight (truck), FedEx, and UPS.

For several reasons, UPS handles most of our shipments; and we are including a UPS Service Map that shows the number of business days your shipment will be in transit from ACC via UPS Ground.



This map is a general representation of of UPS Ground transit times from ACC.  For the latest map update, go to the following link and enter ACC's Zip Code, 61761.  View the most recent map at:

To track a UPS shipment: get the tracking number from ACC, go to the following link, and enter the tracking number.  Visit the UPS tracking page at:

Please contact us for specific shipping inquiries.

If you have any questions about our quotation process or anything on our web site, please do not hesitate to call for clarification.  We look forward to hearing from you!